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the Sewing Bee

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Hi friends,

I'm compiling lists for the website of our favorite resources. I have my favorites and you all have them too. Can you please start posting on this board your favorite:

• Places to get smocking supplies

• Online shops

• Local sewing/crafting resources

• Tutorials (online or email me pdfs if it's a flyer/handout)

The City Sewing Room is having a big sale carried over from last weekend (BOGO fabric/notions: 1 pound for $2, second free!!). Today is the last day and I'm going today. If you'd like to meet there, give me call! 407-719-5780

If anyone is interested in Kam Snaps or the Kam Snap tool, the guild has a collection of snaps and a tool that can be checked out. Both are at my house - I can meet up with anyone that is interested.

Classes are next week for those who still want to sign up to sew with us! If you can't make it, extra Sew Together Bag kits and Mat kits are available to purchase separately. Sew Together: $37

Mat: $27

Email me privately if you'd like to purchase one to make on your own.


The Sewing Bee is public forum for sewists near and far to l...
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